Software CompactiLISP


Published 2016.12.15


version 2.1 CONTACT


CompactiLISP is a software that enable the kelvination of a set of AutoLISP/VLISP source codes, compact them, and compile them into a single LISP file easy to encrypt and to load into an AutoLISP engine.

There is two main versions: a simple one and a professional one. (Other tongues or AUTOCAD version on demand.)

Whatever the release used, CompactiLISP give an exhaustive repport on the use of the symbols inside the source codes. This enable the development of more secure and more tuned programs.

As soon as the compiled file is recorded, it is then much more easy to encrypt it. (One can also use the VLISP compilator of Autocad to encode in the FAS format).

List of the functionalities

Trial period of CompactiLISP

During trial period the software have limited functionalities, finite time of use and maximum number of use. Here is the list of the limitations:

Initiation to AutoLISP programming

couverture livre Book about AutoLISP
A book in french about AutoLISP programmation.

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