Logiciel SLTcpo


Published on 2017.09.01

Web page updated the 2017.07.29




SLTcpo is a CAD plugin that enables the generation of official repport, and especially tedious diagrams in DWG for traffic light installations as required by administrations.

Initialy published and sold under the name DiagsSLT by E.M.E.S, a french workers in the fields of trafic ligth located at Essay in normandie, new ways of publishing should be offered through september 2017. In this wait, it is still possible to test full functionalities of the software on simple request by email by getting in touch with

There will be also changment concerning the CAD software that enable SLTcpo to run as a plugin. SLTcpo will be no more offered for Zwcad (a chinese CAD software), but probably for Bricscad. This last choice is not already fixed now a day.

Every proposal of partnership for commercial development, especially in Italia and Spain, will be welcomed.